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The History of Arkalalah

It all began in 1928. The big depression was on the way and everyone was blue and discouraged. The old Petroleum club was above Peterson's Drug Store and most of the businessmen ate lunch there. After lunch they sat around talking or playing a game of cribbage.

One noon John Floyd, Clyde Boggs and "Pat" Sommerfield were sitting at the same table. They decided something new was needed for the town - maybe a fall festival of some kind to help the morale of the people. Halloween sounded like a good time. The idea caught on and they approached Dusty Rhoads, the live wire secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. A citizen's meeting was called, committees appointed and the first Arkalalah was off to a flying start.

A prize of $15 was offered for a name. Mrs. J.W. Moore wrote "Arkalalah" on a strip of paper. Ark, for the town and alalah, the Indian word for good time. She tossed the paper aside thinking it wasn't good enough. Mr. Moore thought it was; he turned it in and Mrs. Moore received the prize and honor of naming our annual fall festival.



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