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Celebrate the 87th Annual Fall Festival
in Arkansas City, Kansas
October 24 - 27, 2018


Thank You

The Arkalalah Executive Committee would like to express a sincere thank you to the Community of Ark City for helping to make Arkalalah 2017 THE GREAT OUTDOORS such a great success!  A special thank you goes out to the City of Ark City, the Ark City Police Department and the Ark City Fire Department for all of their dedication, cooperation and assistance with everything!
Of course Arkalalah wouldn’t be possible without the support of our many business sponsors! A HUGE thank you to all of you!  We would also like to say thank you to the vendors, organizations and individuals who dedicate their time and efforts towards Arkalalah every year!
Without your support and dedication, Arkalalah wouldn’t be what it is today!  It is such a community wide effort from everyone!!  Thank you again to EVERYONE for another great year!
Michael Morgan, Traver Herman, Zack Stoy,
Zach Barnes, Jace Kennedy  and Tasha Bucher




theme 2017  

Michael MorganArkalalah is already around the corner! Growing up in Ark City my parents owned a business up-town in which made Arkalalah an event to remember.  As a young kid, my brother and I would set up a “Kool-aid, lemonade, hot dog and chili dog” stand in front of Allen’s Furniture and Carpet.  Every year, my brother and I looked forward to Arkalalah. This meant a little extra cash in our pockets for our favorite food booth, carnival tickets and sometimes extra shopping money for Christmas.  As I grew older, Arkalalah developed into much more. It now meant running into classmates would come home to visit for a few days and we would catch up and reminiscence on the past.

The Great Outdoors has been a huge part of my life. I could sit on a boat and fish for hours, grab my clubs and go play a few rounds of golf, find any cliff and jump into a lake and swim, freeze my butt of duck hunting, or sit around a campfire with friends and family and enjoy life.  I now have two boys that love to spend as much time outdoors as possible. With that being said, why not combine my love for the Great Outdoors and Arkalalah.  As far back as I can remember, Arkalalah has been a highlight of my life as it brings together the old memories as we make new memories.  I want to give a special thank-you to all involved in making an event possible year after year.  If someone 10 years ago told me I would be the chairman of the Arkalalah Committee, I would have said, “is this joke.”  These past four years have had highs and lows, made of sleepless nights and have added many more amazing memories towards Arkalalah. 

I hope the theme for Arkalalah 86 hits home to others in our community. Thank you to all the committees that help the Arkalalah Committee. Let’s hope for another year of nice and sunny weather so we can all enjoy the amazing food, wonderful music, and most of all the family and friends that come back every year for this festival.

2017 Arkalalah Festival Executive Committee

  • Traver Herman, Chairman
  • Michael Morgan, Past Chairman
  • Zack Stoy
  • Zach Barnes
  • Jace Kennedy
  • Tasha Bucher, Executive Secretary

Cowley College Arkalalah Committee

  • Shannon O’Toole, Chairperson
  • Rama Peroo
  • Lory West
  • Abbi Hollins
  • Lisa Grose

Visiting Queen’s Committee

  • Amber and Ryan Groene, Chairpersons
  • Kody and Lori Virden
  • Larry and Lindsay Floyd
  • LE Smith and Holly Switzer

Coronation Committee

  • Liz Shepard, Chairperson

Former Queens Committee

  • Cowley College

Queens Tea Committee

  • Andrea Hernandez
  • Blythe Colquhoun

Little Mr and Miss Arkalalah

  • Blythe Colquhoun

Band and Flag Festival

  • Hans Judd

Band Competition

  • Mark and Lynn Boxman


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