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Celebrate the 84th Annual Fall Festival
in Arkansas City, Kansas
October 28 - 31, 2015


Scott RogersArkalalah!  The mere mention of our fall festival brings so many wonderful memories to mind.  As a child growing up in Arkansas City the mere mention of Arkalalah would bring chills of anticipation rivaled by few other holidays.  Today, the same anticipation over parades and street games, food vendors and the carnival and every Arkalalah event still exists.  Perhaps, it is even better as we share the old traditions with the next generation and embrace all the good this community has to offer. 

This will be the 83rd Arkalalah and this year’s theme is “Out of This World”.  It is a fitting theme since so much of the good in this festival and community is hard to find in other places.   We are blessed with volunteers and sponsors that are out of this world in their dedication to making the event continue annually. 

This Arkalalah festival is about family and friends.  It is about the joy of a child racing down the street in the street games, or the volunteers working food booths, or the parent cheering their daughter at coronation or coaxing little ones in the parades.  It is about our community and we are “Out of This World” with anticipation and the fun that awaits. 

2014 Arkalalah Festival Executive Committee

  • Chairman - Scott Rogers
  • Past Chairman - Zack Graber
  • Lance Niles
  • Michael Morgan
  • Traver Herman
  • Executive Secretary - Tasha Bucher

Cowley College Queen Alalah Committee

  • Chairperson - Shannon O’Toole
  • Melissa Hollister
  • Libby Moore
  • Rama Peroo
  • Lory West

Visiting Queen’s Committee

  • Chairpersons: Renee & Dared Price
  • Sammi & Casey Webb
  • Hannah & Chase Demaree
  • Ryan & Amber Groene

Coronation Committee

  • Chairperson - Liz Shepard

Former Queens Committee

  • Elizabeth Thummel

Queen's Tea Committee

  • Fallon Giles
  • Andrea Hernandez

Little Mr. & Miss Arkalalah Committee

  • Janet Davidson

Band & Flag Festival Committee

  • Hans Judd


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