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Celebrate the 85th Annual Fall Festival
in Arkansas City, Kansas
October 26 - 29, 2016

Royal Treatment  

Michael MorganTHIS IS ARKALALAH!!! This is the one week every Ark City citizen looks forward to.  This is the week reunions happen. The one week it takes thirty minutes to walk one block because every few feet you run into someone you haven’t seen since last Arkalalah.  The week you get to take your kids on all-you-can ride carnival nights. This is the one week you get to make a meal plan that includes pork burgers, chicken and noodles, jiffy pups, and Knights sausage. And that’s just for lunch on Wednesday.  Arkalalah is the one week you can tell people you are going to the pool hall at 10 a.m. and no one bats an eye.

As Bon Jovi once told us, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Even though we have added more things to the lineup such as opening night fireworks, corn hole tournament, and dodgeball, it is the traditional things we hold most dear. Whether it is running in the two-mile run, coming back as reigning queen to our coronation, or eating pancakes Saturday morning with our family, everyone has their perfect picture of what Arkalalah is. 

The 85th Arkalalah theme is “The Royal Treatment.”  It is an homage to our past and present Arkalalah queens and Little Mr. and Mrs. Arkalalah’s.  And maybe a little wink at our favorite hometown World Champion baseball team.  On behalf of the Arkalalah Executive Committee and all of the sub committees that give their time and effort into making Arkalalah what it is, we hope you enjoy Arkalalah in 2016 and we hope your families receive the Royal Treatment this fall.

2016 Arkalalah Festival Executive Committee

  • Chairman - Michael Morgan
  • Past Chairman - Lance Niles
  • Traver Herman
  • Zack Stoy
  • Zach Barnes
  • Executive Secretary - Tasha Bucher

Cowley College Arkalalah Committee

  • Chairperson - Shannon O’Toole
  • Lisa Grose
  • Brandi Herman
  • Abby Hollins
  • Rama Peroo
  • Lory West

Visiting Queen’s Committee

  • Chairpersons: Hannah & Chase Demaree
  • Ryan & Amber Groene
  • Lori & Kody Virden
  • Lindsey and Larry Floyd

Coronation Committee

  • Chairperson - Liz Shepard

Queen's Tea Committee

  • Andrea Hernandez

Little Mr. & Miss Arkalalah Committee

  • Blythe Colquhoun

Band & Flag Festival Committee

  • Hans Judd


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